The Girls Behind The Sheets

This is Tekarra

Tekarra is the owner and founder of Sweet Sheets® inc.We thought you should meet her because we’re not another faceless company: we’re real people, who really care. (And who sleep on Sweet Sheets® every single night).Tekarra is a devoted wife and Mother of five (that’s right, five kids!) and she started Sweet Sheets® with a plan to create a little bit of extra income for her family.What she didn’t know was how fast Sweet Sheets® would grow, and that one day she would bring on a business partner!


Meet Keshia

Keshia is Tekarra’s new business partner and co-owner of Sweet Sheets®.Keshia had no idea that one day she would be part owner of a luxury bedding company, but she loves it, and sleeps much better now too (even if one or all four of her children climb into bed with her)!Together, Tekarra and Keshia have big dreams for Sweet Sheets® and are extremely grateful for all that has happened to grow Sweet Sheets® into what it is today. They are even more excited about their current plans and what the future will bring!


So there you have it!
You’ve met Tekarra and you’ve met Keshia, so you’re basically a part of the family now!
With that said, don’t be a stranger! Stop by often and see what we’re up to, and in the meantime, make sure to follow us on all of our social media outlets:

2 thoughts on “The Girls Behind The Sheets”

  1. Hello, I love the idea of your sheets, and perhaps being a seller. I have a couple of questions I couldn’t find answers for on the website (probably me):
    What is the material that makes the microfiber, and what country does it come from? Where are the sheets made and by whom (can one reassure their customers they aren’t made in sweat shops where children are employed or the employees are treated well?) These are selling points and people more likely to buy I would think. I know that matters a lot to me, as I’m interested in them.

    1. Hi there Gloria!
      Thanks so much for your interest in Sweet Sheets! We would love to have you as a consultant.
      In answer to your questions, microfiber is actually a pretty generic term, it means “man-made tiny fibers”. Microfiber can range drastically in both quality and use, from sofas to rags and mops to bed sheets.
      Our particular sheets are made from a polyester blend of micro fibers.
      Sweet Sheets are made by our manufacturers in China. Our broker visits the warehouse frequently and has assured us that the facility is clean and the workers are treated fairly with no child labour at all.
      I hope that this answers your questions and if you have any more, feel free to email us at info[@]

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