Mysteries Unfolded: How To Conquer The Fitted Sheet! 🛏

Since the dawn of time, laundry-doers everywhere have battled with the task of folding the infamous fitted sheet. Ladies and gentlemen, the struggle is real!

How many times have you pulled out your freshly laundered bed sheets, beautifully folded your top sheet and pillowcases and then looked at your fitted sheet with nothing more that pure disdain, knowing that after a valiant battle, you are destined to fail, leaving your fitted sheet a crumpled mess mocking your very efforts?

Well, not today sir…. not today!

Today is a day to rival all others, for today is the day that you will unlock the mystery of the fitted sheet & finally gain your victory!

How To FINALLY Fold That Fitted Sheet

Make sure you have lots of space (like your bed, the kitchen table, or a clean floor).
Take a deep breath, we know it’s been stressful before, but today is the day that all of that changes!


Lay your sheet out flat on your clean, large surface with the fitted corners facing up. (You can stand as well, it’s really up to you and what you prefer).


Fold your fitted sheet in half, wrong sides together, fitting the elastic corners and sides into each other. (Make sure to look at the seams and you will find an actual corner on each.)


Once again, fold your sheet in half, tucking the elastic corners inside of each other. Place on your flat surface, smoothing out any wrinkles.


Fold down the top and sides of the sheet, hiding the elastic edges, making a nice rectangle.

Fold the other end in to meet the first end in the middle.


Now fold your sheet in half, creating the fold where the two ends meet in the middle of your rectangle to make another, smaller rectangle.


Fold your sheet in half one last time, creating a square.


Fist-punch the sky because you did it! You Have Now Conquered The Fitted Sheet!

You’re Welcome.

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