Make Your Bed Just Like The Hotels

Have you ever heard of triple sheeting before?

Triple sheeting is a unique way of making your bed using extra flat (or top) sheets as opposed to using a duvet cover.

With triple sheeting, you use 3 sheets for your bed, a fitted and 2 flat sheets (or 3 flats if you prefer) as opposed to just 2, the fitted and flat.

In the video below, Tekarra & Keshia, the owners of Sweet Sheets will show you how to achieve the clean, modern look of triple sheeting using some of the more popular signature Sweet Sheets colours; Poppyseed, Silver Sprinkles & Vanilla Frosting.

We especially love the way that you can mix & match your flat sheets to add variety & pops of colour to your decor!

Have you ever tried triple sheeting before? Leave a comment with your experience or thoughts on triple sheeting below!

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