5 Reasons Why You Need To Overhaul Your Fundraisers

In only a few short weeks, school will be back in session as well as dance, sports and all of the other after-school activities that come along with.

All of these activities are great for our kids, providing them with a sense of pride, accomplishment, hard-work & diligence… but more often than not, they also come with a decent price-tag.

Fortunately, most of the organizations providing these amazing opportunities for our kids, also try to offset costs by fundraising.

Unfortunately, many of these fundraisers tend to promote unhealthy or frankly, unwanted products.

As moms ourselves, we know that if you have to fundraise, you want to promote health & products that are useful and actually needed so we’ve created this list of our top 5 reasons why you need to overhaul your current fundraisers and make the switch to Sweet Sheets® instead.

10 reasons to hold a Sweet Sheets Fundraiser for your school, church, team or club

The Top 5 Reasons You Need To Overhaul Your Fundraisers This Fall

  1. Simplicity -Hosting or participating in a fundraiser shouldn’t be complicated. Everything from the sign-up process to the distribution of products should be simple, organized & streamlined.
  2. Demand -If you want your fundraiser to be a success, offer something that people actually want & need, this way they’ll be excited to share the fundraisers with others & promote your cause.
  3. Flexibility -Don’t make it harder than it needs to be, we’re so used to being able to order online and directly to our homes so shouldn’t your fundraiser be able to follow suit?
  4. Reach -To get the most bang for your buck, make sure your fundraiser has the ability to serve as many people as possible. Grandma would probably love to help out and support the cause but it doesn’t make sense if you can’t get the product to her in another city.
  5. Knowledge -It should be easy to see who sold what (and when), how much you’ve earned & how close you are to reaching your fundraising goal.

I’ve headed a fundraiser for my daughter’s dance (parents association) for the last four years and it is by far one of the best ones we run. The parents want it on the fundraiser list every year.
For us at the studio, it has grown from a small fundraiser of about $3,000 to one closer to $25,000. The members and community love this product.
Sweet Sheets sells itself!

Marianne Pearson -Red Deer, Alberta

By fundraising with Sweet Sheets®, you’re upgrading your fundraising efforts and combining them with the familiarity and ease of online shopping. -Something your customers are most likely already doing.

For more information on partnering with Sweet Sheets® for your next fundraiser and learning about all of the benefits and perks that come along with, visit our website today.

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