3 Ways To Earn Extra Money In Your Spare Time

It’s not uncommon to be looking for ways to earn additional income. “Side-hustles” are common as we strive for financial freedom and independence, so what are some ways that you could increase your own income without having to get another “job”?

3 Ways To Earn Extra Money Without Getting “A Job”

3 Ways to earn extra money without getting a job -Selling on online marketplaces

1. Selling on Online Marketplaces
Lots of people are turning to platforms like “Etsy”, “Ebay” or “Amazon” to sell items that they handcraft themselves. With a lot of hard work and elbow grease, these can be profitable pursuits however the markets for these platforms are becoming increasingly saturated meaning you need to work extra hard to stand out and make your mark.

3 Ways to earn extra money without getting a job -Blogging

2. Blogging
If you’re not so creative with crafts or jewelry making, trying your hand at blogging could be a good option. Bloggers tend to specify in one area such as parenting, cooking or travelling and share their knowledge and experience with their audience. Bloggers typically monetize their blogs with advertisements and sponsored blog posts. The downside with blogging is that blogs often require a fair amount of time and a large following to even begin to make money, so blogging is definitely a game of patience & perseverance.

3 Ways to earn extra money without getting a job -Becoming a Sweet Sheets Consultant

3. Joining An Established Business
Companies like Sweet Sheets® are always looking for new consultants to join them. The benefit to joining an already established business is that training, tested systems, sales material and a whole lotta support is provided from day one. These companies want you to succeed because when you succeed, so do they. And of course, there are other perks since selling is about connecting, events like having coffee with friends can easily be written off as a business expense!

Sweet Sheets Consultant Promotion

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Of course, there are many different ways to earn extra money from home, but these three are often the first ones people go to. Have you ever had an Etsy shop or a Blog?

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