10 Reasons Why You Should Fundraise With Sweet Sheets

We’ve all been there… another fundraiser we really don’t want to participate in but we do… we do it for the kids/puppies/people/{insert cute thing here} etc. But what if there was another way?

What if you could show support by purchasing something you actually want… and need?

What if your fundraising was made easier?

Well friends, have we got a deal for you! (Ya, we know it’s cheesy… but it fits!)

Sweet Sheets® Inc. is owned and run by moms, moms who know fundraising and are right there with you! Moms that know what other moms want.

When we designed our fundraising program, we did our best to eliminate the stress and frustration of fundraising (along with some of the reasons we just flat out didn’t do it) to make a fundraising program that’s simple & works!

So, here are The Top 10 Reasons To Fundraise With Sweet Sheets®:

  1. Online Orders!
    We live in a highly technical world, so while most fundraising programs are still collecting cash and cheques, we have an alternate solution. With Sweet Sheets® fundraisers, you can send your potential supporters a link and let them order from the comfort of their own home with their credit card… and we take care of the processing fees! Of course, if you still want to collect orders the old fashioned way, don’t you worry, collect how you wish and we’ve got your back!

  2. Fundraisers in Canada & The USCanada & US Participation.
    This one is a big one, if Grandma lives in another city, or you’re in the States & she’s in Canada, no worries! She can still support little Timmy with no problems at all!
    Your customers get to choose between 2 options upon checkout. Option 1 is to have their order sent to your organization for pickup. This is the most common option as it saves the customer our typical $10/order handling fee. Option 2 is to for them to pay the $10/order handling fee and have their items shipped directly to them.
    With both options, we hold all sold items until your fundraiser is closed, where we then collect and process all orders accordingly.

  3. fundraiser options where you can order online and kids don't have to collect moneyNo Money Handling (unless you want them to)
    Ok, this one goes hand in hand with our 1st reason, but if you’ve ever organized a fundraiser where the kids are taking orders, then you know how big this is and why it warrants its very own bullet point. With online ordering capabilities, kids DO NOT HAVE TO TOUCH THE MONEY! Let me say that again, they don’t have to handle the money!
    This is a big deal because you no longer have to worry about lost or misplaced funds. Another benefit is that your supporters don’t have to find cash or write cheques, most people are comfortable ordering online with their credit cards, however, as we stated earlier, if they want or need to, that option is still available, just not necessary!

  4. Sweet Sheets Fundraisers have a very quick turn around timeQuick Turn Around Time
    With Sweet Sheets fundraisers, you have the ability to chose the length of time you’d like your fundraiser to be open for. We generally recommend that a fundraiser be open for no longer than 1 month as fundraisers that are open for too long often lose momentum. Once your fundraiser is closed, we work hard to gather and ship your orders as quickly as possible.
    Fundraiser orders are shipped within 1-3 weeks of the close of the fundraiser, and often sooner! We understand that your customers want their purchases and that your organization needs the money, so it’s our priority to wrap up all the loose ends as soon as possible.

  5. Sweet Sheets Fundraisers Have a Great Earning PotentialGreat Earning Potential
    When you fundraise with Sweet Sheets® your organization receives a flat 20% commission on all orders placed. This means that you get an average of $11.80 per item ordered (this is the commission on a set of Queen sheets which is the most popular item sold.)
    The success of your fundraiser does boil down to the amount of effort put into it however it is not unlikely for a fundraiser to reach $20k in sales, giving the organization a commission of $4k. Sweet Sheets® are a unique product and we have found that customers are happy to purchase multiple sets for their own homes and also to give as gifts. 

  6. Super Soft, durable, high quality, eco-friendly bed sheetsQuality Product
    Sweet Sheets® are made of high quality microfibre, which allows for a cool and comfortable and restful sleep. Sweet Sheets® are also eco friendly; due to their moisture-wicking properties, they don’t absorb water, which requires less water while washing and less time while drying. The sheets are durable and won’t shrink in the wash, they also don’t pill or fade. On top of all of these great qualities, Sweet Sheets® are also some of the softest sheets on the market.

  7. Sweet Sheets Offers a fantastic warranty on all of our sheetsQuality Guarantee
    Here at Sweet Sheets® we stand behind our products and offer a guarantee like no other. If within 6 months of owning your new sheets, there is a manufacturer defect we will replace the affected part.
    This is a guarantee that we proudly and confidently offer to our customers on our main website and carry it over to all fundraiser orders as well. In order to submit a warranty claim, ensure that an order number is provided and fill out our warranty claims form.

  8. Sweet Sheets Fundraiser Custom WebsitePersonalized Website
    When you register a Sweet Sheets® Fundraiser, a custom website is then created for your organization. This website includes a personalized header with your organization’s logo,  an “about” page for your specific fundraiser & one for Sweet Sheets®, contact info for both your organization & Sweet Sheets®, shipping & warranty information, an optional student code area to track participant orders, a simple online order form, a secured online checkout process & a “host your own fundraiser” page for others wanting to learn more about Sweet Sheets® fundraiser options.
    Feel free to follow this link for more information on the personalized fundraiser website.

  9. Sweet Sheets Fundraisers Allow for participant tracking codes so you know who sold what and to whomStudent Tracking
    Lots of organizations choose to hold internal competitions and reward their top sellers for doing an outstanding job. With our online setup, you can easily track which orders came from which student or participant. Just assign each participant a code (a student number, name, etc) and have them share it with their customers. Customers will then be prompted to enter that code if applicable upon checkout. Upon completion of your fundraiser, you will receive a spreadsheet of all orders which will include the student codes. You will then be able to clearly see what each participant sold and to whom.

  10. Sweet Sheets Fundraisers Offer A Simple Online Sign Up, so you can be up and running in no time!Simple Online Sign-Up
    When you are ready to register for your Sweet Sheets® fundraiser, the process couldn’t be more simple. Just head over to our fundraiser application form and fill it out! There are places to upload an image for your about page as well as a logo for your organization.
    Provided that all of the information is clear, your fundraiser website should be ready in a matter of days. Should we have any questions or concerns, you will be contacted to clear things up. Once your custom fundraiser website is live, you will be notified of your web address and any other necessary information.

So there you have it, 10 fantastic reasons to host your next fundraiser with Sweet Sheets®!
So what are you waiting for? Register Your Fundraiser Today!

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